The brand “Minerva“ established since 1984 , in the world of Stone-Marble-Tiles with an collection comprise more than 150+ varieties of architectural surfaces.

Its the client’s trust that has left foot prints all over in ahmedabad – Indore – Udaipur , today company own one of the largest stockyard in Ahmedabad and strengthen its presence by presenting one –of- a- kind display gallery on Ring road edge “ Ognaj” just about ten minutes from SBR Road.

World finish craftsman , plenty of man hours , a breathtaking design philosophy ,let us take on a personal guided tour of one of a kind showroom : The Minerva Gallery

The ITALIAN MARBLE :She is part of daily air and it changes all the time , with all the events one can see the approaching of revolution through her Veins- Texture- Colours. She is there since ages and still desire for everyone